"We're all just fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make." – Jerry Ellis

A Little Mother/Daughter Bonding over Manicures and Starbucks

This past weekend, I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi at the salon for my birthday. Erin and I have been talking about doing that for ages, so Sunday after church we went to a nearby nail salon. The difference in personalities between Emily (14) and Erin (12) is amazing. When I invited Emily to join us, she wrinkled her nose like I’d just suggested we go have our tonsils removed together. Not surprisingly, she opted out on our mini Girls’ Day.  (You can read about how to reach Emily’s heart in https://thelighthearteddragonfly.com/2014/05/09/bonding-and-doctor-who/ ).  Erin’s only qualm was some minor apprehension about a stranger touching her feet.

I’ve gotten quite a few manicures over the years, but I have never had a real pedicure. Before you think I’m some kind of Neanderthal, you have to know that I am pretty self-conscious about my feet. But I figured that the people who do pedicures have probably seen worse feet than mine. At least I hoped so. I did not want to be the customer whose feet were so unsightly the salon worker went home and told her family she needed to find a different job. It’s not that my feet are smelly or anything like that—they are clean and free of any toe jam—they are just rough, tired, old…well, you know—feet. They have calluses and funny-shaped toes with weird cracks in the nails. They’re not my best feature.

Erin and I ended up having a magnificent afternoon. We sat next to each other in the massage chairs with the foot baths in them and tried to hold in giggles when the women would work on our feet and it tickled.  The people watching in a nail salon is a lot of fun. We enjoyed listening to the employees as they bickered amongst themselves in a language we couldn’t understand. Erin’s face was priceless; I really wish I’d gotten to take a picture of her skinny body in that great big chair.

After our nails were done, we wanted to use the Starbucks gift card we had been meaning to spend. While we discovered she’s decidedly NOT a coffee drinker (yet)—the baked brownie was definitely more her speed—I was lucky enough to have that special one on one time with my third child. Time when we talk, just the two of us, about whatever comes up. It is in moments like these, unplanned and done on a whim, that I glimpse the woman she will one day become and know that I am truly blessed.

And that is the best birthday gift of all.

my pedicure

Ready for summer–my feet after their first pedicure.


Comments on: "Quality Mom/Daughter Time – Nailed It" (1)

  1. Kristin Haynes said:

    That DID sound like a great day! Lydia – (14 ) & I recently had a “Nailed It” day, too. Unfortunately, we went to a salon I was unfamiliar with. Lydia heard it was SO COOL, because ” _ _ _ _ ” just went & hers were perfect! She failed to add her friend ALSO had gotten GEL NAILS with a GEL Mani (=) out of my budget! She started in on how great it would be to get a manicure BEFORE her Birthday present concert, which I was taking her to that weekend…
    (MAN! Where have the days gone, when you just put on the same old bell bottoms,
    boot cut, or “straight leg” jeans the decade approved of, an everyday type T shirt or
    sweater, & go)?
    I caved, and we ended up on separate sides of the salon without sight distance, & her Mani didn’t even last the two days until her concert… No real bonding experience, though I will try again as a surprise!
    Oh well – another reality check for Mom, to stick to “known” businesses & respond with “It’s my way or no way”!


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