"We're all just fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make." – Jerry Ellis

As I write this I’m getting ready to go pick up my race packet for the MO Cowbell Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve trained, I’ve been hydrating and I’ve read through all the event website information. And yet, I’m still edgy!   Apparently this anxiety is a pre-race ritual for me; I’m sure many other runners share in this nervousness. You may remember my post the day before the last Half Marathon I did in the Spring of this year. Of course, post-race not only had I survived, but I actually enjoyed myself. In fact, the worst moment in that whole process was when I hit the pole in the parking garage entrance going to pick up my race packet for the Go!

In reality, I think there’s a fine line between what I think of as a case of nerves versus just being excited about something. I don’t run to take home a medal (other than the finisher one) so I don’t get worried about that sort of thing, although a new PR would be nice to achieve. In two weeks, I’m doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, so even if I have the worse race ever Sunday (I won’t!) I will have another crack at a running a Half. What it boils down to really is that I’ve been training for this race for so long, I just don’t want something stupid to mess things up. Things like being tired from not sleeping well before the race, not finding a place to park, or having to go to the bathroom on the course (ask any runner—that’s a big one!) I have had several dreams where I’ve shown up to run a race, but I’m a half hour late to the start. It’s like the dream we all have where we forgot to go to class all year and have to take the final. Slightly better than the being naked in front everybody you know dream. At least I know I will have my clothes on—it’s supposed to be chilly Sunday morning!

Time to get my packet, gotta run. See you at the finish line!


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