"We're all just fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make." – Jerry Ellis

Happiness-Is-Friday from lovethispic.com

The world is full of negative energy and people. People who are looking to blame. People who are miserable that want others to be miserable too. Our media, news stories in particular, contribute to this overall negative vibe.

I’m not sure why it is that way—other than the fact that it’s easier to be negative—a cop-out. After all, isn’t it easier to protest something, be against something or someone than to be for something? Besides, if you are too positive, people begin to think something is wrong with you. Isn’t that sad? That it’s perfectly acceptable to be Negative Nelly, but if you have a smile and a positive outlook people start looking for the wine bottle in your purse.

So for today, just today, focus on the good. Focus on what it is you love, admire and stand for. Bask in those things. Your family, your faith, that silly dancing flower pot. Ignore the naysayers and tune out the people who want to bring you down. I realize not every day is easy to be positive when there’s so many things that could be stressing us out. Jobs, health, relationships. All of the above. But it’s Friday, so try, for one day, to not add any more negative vibes to the world. And see how you feel tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


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