"We're all just fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make." – Jerry Ellis

Stopping for a glamor shot at the last Mud Pit

Stopping for a glamor shot at the last Mud Pit


I run a lot—almost every day—but I am not a competitive runner. I have mentioned this in the past on the blog and after two half marathons I can say I’m still pretty slow. When you’re participating in a half and the full marathoners are starting to come in as you finish your race it can be a little bit…demoralizing. Truth be told, after a setback a little over three years ago with some foot issues that required almost a year off from running, I’m happy to be running at all. Yet, as slow as I am, I like to think of myself as at least looking a little bit awesome as I plod forward. Sporty and cool like the way the gals do on the covers of running magazines. Sadly, in most finish line pics and those my husband, Darrell, takes of me at races I look red-faced and ready to keel over. (That’s why I like to take a few “before” shots!) But I found a way to look pretty fearsome in race pics—the Mud Run.


We weren't TOO dirty after the first mud pit.

We weren’t TOO dirty after the first mud pit.


This past weekend Erin and I took part in the LoziLu Mud Run with some friends in the pouring rain. As far as Mud Runs go, LoziLu is pretty tame. I know there are a few muddy runs out there like the Tough Mudder that are longer distance runs and much more intense. LoziLu has challenging obstacles (the 15 foot tall nets for someone not fond of heights comes to mind), but they are all optional and really just a lot of fun. You run a bit, you do an obstacle and get dirty and run some more. Oh, and you laugh. A lot.


Made it to the top (I didn't look down!)

Made it to the top (I didn’t look down!)


I am a 43 year old Mom with a husband, three kids, two dogs, a job and responsibilities. But for one Saturday morning, I was a little kid, getting dirty in the mud with my friends and not caring that there was mud behind my ears and every other crevice in my body. And yes, covered in mud and running in the rain, I felt as glamorous as any tough chick in the movies.


At the Finish Line

At the Finish Line


So while some things about the pics Darrell takes of me in races might not change, I can’t help but think that covered in mud I get a little more street cred. After all, there are some faces you just can’t fake.


Cold, muddy water...can it get any better than this?

Cold, muddy water…can it get any better than this?


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  1. Kristin Haynes said:

    Sent to Jeanie (Thies), & to Jan (in Denmark) Reinert Sturis… They like dirty(mud?) pictures too, I’m sure!


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