"We're all just fragile threads, but what a tapestry we make." – Jerry Ellis

So yesterday I started my challenge.  It was the craziest day I’d had in a long time…not because of the eating thing, but because of the schedule thing!  I had work, dentist appointment and a long-awaited Girls Night Out.  Oh, and I spent over an hour and a half in the grocery store looking for things like tempeh and tahini paste (ground up sesame seeds).

But overall I think I did pretty good.  I probably actually didn’t eat enough because I was on the run the whole day, and I probably should have skipped the red wine at the Wine and Canvas event.  (It was SO good!)

Emily and Erin were disappointed when they helped me carry in the groceries yesterday.  “No ice cream?”  I think they think they’re going to starve.  I believe I truly glimpsed a little panic in their faces when they saw all the vegetables in the refrigerator.  I can see them being a challenge in this challenge, but they also are good at being supportive.  As long as I don’t make them eat TOO many vegetables.

Today I’m going to try to hunt down the obscure ingredients I couldn’t find yesterday.  I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on that, but I also feel like I’m one of those people that want to make every recipe EXACTLY as it is given or I’ll mess it up.  I think if I were a better cook I’d be able to just improvise, so maybe as time goes on I’ll get better at it.

Right now I’m following The Daniel Plan 10 day detox diet.  I know, I said I wouldn’t use the word diet, but a friend told me about it and I like the concept of it.  I needed something that said WHAT to eat exactly, at least for now.  An idiot-proof plan.  And this one incorporates faith, friends and brain health into it as well.  The detox plan calls for no sugar or grains (even whole grains.) The point is to eliminate all dairy and gluten in the beginning to gauge how your system does without them.

Since I barely had time to put the groceries away last night, this morning I got up and made Artichoke Hummus (actually quite good!) and chopped up the day’s vegetables.  I know I’m in the honeymoon phase of this Challenge, all revved up with good intentions, but I’m happy I at least have that attitude for now.  It’s time for Day 2!


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